Thursday, October 28, 2010

Indicment finally occurs

Cindy Dunton got indicted October 28, 2010 for taking $198,000. We don’t know the sentencing date yet.. We will be circulating a petition shortly where as a resident of Newburgh you can state what sentence you would like Cindy to receive and other comments you may have.

The maximum sentence for this crime is 10 years. It would be unusual for a Judge to give the maximum sentence. They issue a sentence then suspend an amount of the sentence and the remainder is what they serve. On good behavior the amount that is actually served can be cut as much as half.

I believe that one should not profit from their ill gotten gains. Given that her wages were (as near as we can tell) $42,000 and she is responsible for a minimum of $250,000 of embezzlement and expenses anything less then 6 years serving time would mean she has profited from her actions.

Please consider signing this petition and voicing your opinion to the Judge.

Thank You