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The hash and bash area. The original intent of the blog was to have a dialog about different subjects regarding our town. The comments seem to evolve further and further away from the subject matter. While the comments are entertaining, funny and maybe even therapeutic they do little to further the discussion at hand.
That said hereafter comments that do little to add to the subject posts will be moved to this area, where you can state/vent your opinion not associated with the original posts.
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  1. Anonymous said...
    A selectmens meeting without Leona, that was in itself, very refreshing.

    June 28, 2010 5:23 PM
    Anonymous said...
    Did Buddy really say he wasn't asked to sign the petition??????? Is that funny or what!!!!!!! Another lie from your town official, and pretty blatant at that. You gotta just know that Buddy has absolutely no respect for any of you out there to think you are so confoundedly stupid as to say something like that to the Bangor Daily News for every one of you to read!!! The petitions were sent to every taxpayer in the town!!! Buddy went on to say that he did not know what to do with the petitions???? He has been a selectman for eight years and he doesn't know what to do with a petition??? Isn't that just hilarious???? When are the people in this town going to wake up and smell the coffee???????

    June 29, 2010 11:20 AM
    Anonymous said...
    I thought this Blog was made to discuss political affairs not to bash on people. So to anonymous that said a( selectmens meeting without Leona that in itself very refreshing). I think your a narrow minded buffoon and how do you know that if YOU left town it wouldnt be refreshing!!!!!!!! So on that note your little couteous blog has turned out to be nothing more than a place for people to crap on other people and start trouble. So much for any one giving a crap about the towns political affairs. Way to go fixers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    June 29, 2010 6:12 PM
    Anonymous said...
    Wow you people are totally ridiculous you have not the slightest clue about what is going on in Leona's life right now so why don't you shut your big mouth and find something to do. You people are nothing but low life cowards with no jobs so you sit around and bash on people. Grow up and move to hell out of our town because you are corrupting it!! We don't want you here and you need to wake up and realize that! Now wasn't that refreshing?

    June 30, 2010 4:53 AM
    Anonymous said...
    well that sure was a couple friendly posts. That is a nice attitude.

    June 30, 2010 7:53 AM
    Anonymous said...
    People in 'the family' can't say anything without bashing....unless of course, they join the growing number of 'fixers'...for they are the ones who have the right idea! 'The family' are who got our town into this, and vitriol and hatred is all they can come up with for any kind of defense. A town official cannot let his/her personal life interfere with his/her public duties. If that were the case, towns couldn't run. So....NO...that was not refreshing at all, though it probably made you feel better about your family.

    June 30, 2010 8:56 AM
    Anonymous said...
    Gee I wonder why people post Anonymous? Calling people low life's and cowards really makes me want to be on that side. Throwing a temper tantrum will sway lots of people to your cause. If you don't agree than move out? What a friendly little town.

    June 30, 2010 9:31 AM
    Anonymous said...
    I've lived in this town all my life and I will tell u what corrupted our friendly little town its all the transplants that move in and try to fix things that they dont need to be fixing. If you dont like it move out hows that for town politics.

    June 30, 2010 3:46 PM
    Anonymous said...
    The new town slogan: Shut up and give us your money. If you don't like that GET OUT!

    It will be a BOOM for the tourist industry

  2. "transplants that move in and try to fix things that they dont need to be fixing"
    I confused, you are satisfied with the way things were running? Taking 200K was OK? None of the people in the town office or Selectmen were responsible?
    The real problem in your view is those that want to fix things?
    Maybe I'm not the one confused!!!

  3. Yikes,
    From away apparently is 100% evil? So help me with this at what point are you not from away anymore or is this a lifetime cross to bare?

    Are there bonus points available if you were born at home in Newburgh or for that matter is there a point deduction if you were born for example at EMMC in Bangor?

    What if you grew up in Hampden but you have relatives that were native to the Burgh?

    Where do you stand if you were born at the hospital in Bangor, grew up in Newburgh, moved "OUT OF STATE" and then later in life moved back to Newburgh? In this scinario would it be possible/likely that your thought process would be tainted and you would no longer be qualified to have or express an opinion?

    What is the impact of introducing new DNA into the pool, for instance if you (broke your parents heart) grew up in Newburgh, married someone from away (let's say Livermore Falls) would you have what some of you may consider mutant cross bred children?

    I would ask you natives that do not want anyone from away, what are the chances you do not have one of these rogue families living next door or within walking/marrying distance from your house?

    Use caution these sleeper cells will try and live here a generation or nine without notice and next thing you know they start to blend in and misrepresent themselves as the real deal.

    Jim Hopkins

  4. Jim: What can we say, You move in while no one was paying attention. Next, you will want to know where your tax money goes ? Maybe, even check on it and offer advise. Heaven forbid, you run for office to help our community out. But, do think about it.

  5. OK Mr. Or Ms. Anonymous (is that name Greek by any chance?)

    Thank you for your reply and the time you have spent entertaining me, I can see you have been extremely busy writing most of these posts, you have written all hours of the day 7 days a week, is that all you have to do?

    I must say, I am once again a little confused, why do you keep jumping from one side of the fence to the other. You have displayed what I would call very erratic Jeckell and Hyde like mood swings throughout your messages. You need to pick a team/side and stay on it, first you are for the fixers then you want to run them out of town. Then next message you are galloping with the possy like a scene from the movie cutters, this is not a healthy trend I hope you do not run out of your medication.

    You bring up some good points here and all your previous posts about the way the taxes are spent, accountability and the importance of family etc. but unlike my note I detected mass quantities of sarcasm dripping from your replies.

    You Sir or Madam seem to have issues and need to get help soon.

    Jim Hopkins

  6. Jim I think you are a little confused a its not the same person wrighting all the posts there are other people posting on here. So my reply to you is why in the past years is it you would bad mouth the people of newburgh then you want to be one and why is it you waited until your kids where out school til you moved to newburgh is it because you didnt want your kids do have a lable in school. So my advice to you is dont act like you dont have issues and dont need help.


  8. To above
    GREAT IDEA. We cannot get to the meetings so at least we can show some support by doing just that.

  9. Dear Anonymous July 15, 2010 10:02 AM

    You have got to be kidding me, can you possibly be so insecure that the best you can come up with is to throw out an I know you are but what am I level of response, and then tack on an accusation of bad mouthing to insure you fuel some additional hate and discontent.

    How do you justify the notion that the timing of my move to Newburgh had anything at all to do with when my children left the school system. Could it be your conspiricy theories about percieved labeling of the Newburgh kids by the evil HA kids has actually scared you emotionally? I suspect if you spend your life hearing and then repeating this jibberish you would eventually start to believe it.

    The sad fact is there are a few in town that are concerned with anyone from away moving in and having an interest in town operations. I for one would welcome another opinion or two on town procedures and policy since what has been happening appears to be broken and needs to be fixed.

    Jim Hopkins

  10. Have you heard that long term resident and Newburgh tax payer Steve Porter was singled out and given a severe and an emotional tongue slashing outburst with unmentional words by one of the selectman. Listen to this, due to the way he looked at him ? This was just before he leaped up and stated that he was going to put forth an amendment not to ask for any repayment of insurance benefits from Lois. Of course, with our budget process that the taxpayers vote on, they cannot do this which makes it totally illegal. Only the voters can make this determination after all the facts are presented and voted on. No, the selectmen cannot be judge and jury regardless of what they may or have thought, over the past few years. You the taxpayers need to stand up, join together and start asking questions, taking control of your local gov'ment not to mention that this type of behavior is unaccepted
    and any attack upon any resident needs to be dealt with through the proper authorities. Apparently, this all took place in a public meeting with many town witnesses. This is way out of control, now.

  11. To be belittled and emotionally crushed in front of your neighbors and friends is one of the most disturbing events that I have heard of . To have this committed by a " town Official"
    is a call for immediate assistance from The Attorney General's Office, Plus, it shows for a fact, the thievery continues on with our tax money used for other than what it was intended for . Now, with the selectmen's, approval. How bizarre is that in the scope of town government ?

  12. I come to this site to and am amazed at what people say about other people. The insinuations at Mr. Hopkins are ridiculous, the notion that "out of towners" aren't to be trusted, personal comments re: Leona, etc. is laughable at best. A town official lashed out, no, really. Haven't a certain group of people been just hammering on these people for months? Someone actually lost their patience? And that requires involvement from the Attorney Generals office...how so? One more thing, why is it that no one has the integrity to leave their name on their comments? Just curious.
    Renee O'Donald

  13. Norm has nailed our pending issue, how do we solve this one?

    When you go into court you are putting your fate into the hands of twelve people who weren't smart enough to get out of jury duty.

    Norm Crosby

  14. Two new rumors, anyone have any facts?

    1. School requires additional or updated fire suppresion system.

    2. One of the selectmen is filing or has filed for bankruptcy protection?

  15. 1. so what?

    2. you mean you "heard" (or are YOU starting the rumors) someone is having financial difficulty in these great economic times?

  16. What we are having bad economic times?

    Would be a good time to rethink the hiring of a town manager dont you think?

  17. I want to rimind all Newburgh voters that Deborah (no show) Plowman is up for re-election.

    We have an opportunity here to support her to the same level she has supported and shown great interest in the town of Newburgh during our very difficult period over the last 10 months.

    The level of support she has earned form each and every one of us is ZERO, ZIP, ZILCH.

    No returned phone calls, No returned letters, No attending town meetings, No good for Newburgh. NO VOTE FOR HER.

    I know very little about Sherman G. Leighton Jr but what I know about Plowman and her lack of interest in Newburgh has earned him a vote from me.

    Please join me in voting for some new leadership that may actually take even a small amount of interest in all towns in their district, we have no where to go but up on this one.

    Throw the Bum out!!!

  18. Here! Here! anon @ 10:07!

    These crusty, incompetant, complacent political hacks keep forgetting who they work for and it's happening from the local level all the way up to the tippedy top. They are all eating steak and not having a care in the world while the rest of us are rationing our ramen and crapping our pants.

  19. K P

    You are starting to get it, we already own the rags because of these hacks and our vote is the detergent. Clean the whole bunch of them out and throw away the selfserving dirtbags.

    Seems weird when I think of purging our selectmen I think of Simple Green as the appropriate cleaner.


  21. The only person running for office that lives down the road and is almost a Newburgher, is Shelby Wright and she has been to a meeting and our neighbor's houses seeking support. She came to the fire Dept' yard sale and said she would be there for all who needed her assistance. No group but all and anyone. Seems very sincere.

  22. Can someone explain to me this BDN article? They talk about "History" between residents and the town office. As far as I got is that it is between Lois, Claude and Lou. So what did Claude and Lou do when they were in office that made Lois so determined to not work with them. Must be pretty bad given who Lois has managed to worked with the last eight years.

  23. To Anon October 20, 2010 6:25

    AM Excellent question!!! and no answer for a couple of days?

    We seem to have a hot potato here, I would assume one of the fixers would have information on this topic.

  24. There has to be something hidden behind the curtin on this one.

    What did happen that was so terrible no one can talk about it? Is this one of the Newburgh skeletons in the closet?

  25. Corruption behind those doors and Lois knows it but has accepted the " Hush Money". Be interesting who Cindy takes down with her . Has anyone noticed, no one at the town office is very interested in trying to get our money back. There must be a reason ?

  26. So is the rumor true Cindy moved away, jumped in her new truck and left town?

    Needed a little quiet time to relax.

    If it is true I wonder if Alan knew anything about this either?

  27. Put your order in for your Pizza, if you are unable to make the party Wednesday they will deliver to your house on the way to the town office (I mean money pit).

  28. WE all need to clean the slate today, your vote has never been more important. The state is full of polital hacks and they all claim there is no party line so here we go.

    Plowman OUT
    Cutler IN
    Cushing OUT
    Michaud OUT
    Almy OUT suggest write in someone new like Marvin Glazier.
    Glen Ross OUT suggest write in Barney Fife

    All bonds OUT

    Send a message the carpet baggers will not be able to ignore.

    Real Hope And Change for Maine

  29. I'd like to thank the wonderful, thoughtful, dedicated, hard working citizens of Newburgh who worked the entire day outside, in the freezing cold, getting signatures to help get the town back on track. Keep up the good work guys, your time is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! Thank you!

  30. Does anyone in town know anything about Eckankar, I am thinking about trying it but am looking for some feedback from some of you Newburghers that may have already taken a trip.

  31. Yes you should try it I went to France last week and loved it. Saturday I plan to visit Russia and Sunday off to South Africa

  32. Arraignment: Cindy Dunton 8:30 A.M. tomorrow December 9th, Bangor, Maine. Show your support for getting her sentenced & restitution for your town! BE THERE!

  33. The arraignment for Cindy Dunton that was scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed. They will be rescheduling it, but no date or time has been set yet. This information came from Lois Libby.

  34. It's your story you stick to it.


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