Friday, May 28, 2010

How'd you like the newsletter?

We finally got the newsletter out. It was a group effort getting the facts together, editing and prep for the post office. We sent out 650 newsletters, plus another 100 to distribute at the local stores.


  1. I just finished quickly perusing the newsletter before heading off to work--a 50+ hours-a-week job with no benefits or OT, but a job nonetheless and I'm not going to complain (but it's why I have a beef with those on government payroll who snub their noses us, the taxpayers, the very people who pay their salaries and provide their "free" health insurance).

    As enlightening of a read as it is, and I look forward to really analyzing it more later, I don't like not knowing WHO put this together. I have never, nor will I ever, trust anyone in government, let alone an entity that is secretive.

    Kathy Perin, Newburgh

  2. I think it is great that this work is being done. However I think it is kinda funny that the "five" are being secretive of who you are. If you want people to trust you and be supportive you need to be open and honest and how can you do that hiding who you are. I have lived in the town for over 20 years. I have a child that will be entering school soon and am excited that he will be going to Hampden. There was nothing wrong with Newburgh school but there is also nothing wrong with Hampden. Having worked in the district I know first hand that they will be well educated and taken care of there. I love this town and know it has a lot of issues that need to be worked out. The only concern I have right now is that when I typed in the blog address it brought me to the vote the cochroches website. and while I am a conservative republican I do not agree with the way they try to do things and that concerns me if that is what the mysterious five are up to.

  3. It was very interesting, and if it all proves true, very enlightening, but I too would like to know more about those who put it together. A brief bio here, or on your new site when you get it up would be beneficial, and would go a long way in giving us a reason to trust you. You already have our gratitude, and our attention, by breaking this all open. As a town, we currently have no one to believe in, no one we think is really our advocate, and that can generate a general feeling of unease. You could help settle that?


  4. What a absolutely wonderful thought out and put together investigative newsletter to help educate and inform the residents of Newburgh. Can't wait for additional information. Finally, a group of concerned citizens that are trying to keep information open to all our residents so informed decisions can be made. All residents of Newburgh, these folks are sending us a message, attend all meetings and ask questions so that nothing remains unanswered, anymore. Seems to me that if one is incapable of understanding a municipal policy and procedure manual they need not be a selectperson making decisions for all the residents in our town, period. Your thoughts ?

  5. I applaud your zeal in getting involved and encouraging others to get involved in local government. Forming town policies which the majority can prescribe to is a long, difficult process which requires building concensus - we will never all agree on every issue but we must be courteous and withhold judgement until all the facts are in. Specifically, there is a slightly hysterical tone to this newsletter with accusations being levelled which have not yet been supported by the results of the audit.
    I would also like to point out that sometimes new facts come to light after we have made a considered judgement, and we must be willing to consider any new information. When we become unwilling to change our opinion and/or listen to and consider differing opinions, when our minds are made up and we search diligently only for information that will support our personal philosophies and reject information which challenges those philosophies -then we are fascists - which I am sure none of us wants to be. No small group has the ability to 'fix' Newburgh. We must do it together or it will not be done, only changed.
    I strongly suggest that the names of the... board? committee? boosters? leaders? .... be included in all future communications. I found the repeated references to the mysterious 'we' and 'us' to be a little eerie. Thank you. Eden Dixon, Newburgh

  6. I was not aware that our citizens were not aware of the " concerned citizens that were behind this " exposure" Yes, they all should stand up and take a bow. A few trying to educate us all. Keep up the good work Chris, Mike, Claude, Steve and so on. What is really errie, is that it was allowed to go on for so long before someone questioned it. And it had to come from outside the town office. That to me is errie and not acceptable.

  7. Um I like the newsletter

  8. We loved the Newsletter & have been waiting to receive another one!! Any idea when that might be??


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