Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Selectmen newletter.

The Newsletter was send out by the selectmen 15 days ago. What did you people think of it?


  1. Hey! Whaddya mean, "You people?" :-D

    I don't know how I FEEL about their letter, per say, all I know is if I screwed up this bad in my jobbie job (and it was the selectmen's duty to double check all that money going out, as I understand it), I'd have a lot of explaining to do to my employer (all us taxpayers of Newburgh), and I would fully expect to subsequently be dismissed from my position. However, shame is an awesomely crappy thing to behold, and I would personally attempt to resign before hearing the dreaded words, "You're fired."

    That being said, I personally do not have the cojones to ever serve in such a capacity (public office/town politics). As the saying goes, "If it were easy, everyone would do it." So, anyone who even attempts it, no matter if they are a huge success or a huge failure (thieves aside here), gets a fist bump from me simply because they tried what I would be too cowardly to even attempt.

    --Kathy Perin :)


  3. Thank you very much for posting the date and time of the next meeting! Important info like that is why the town needs it's own website.


    --Kathy Perin

  4. Can we put Cindy Dunton's picture on our web site as the one person who almost took our community into bankrupsy and the jury is still out on that but hopefully we will cut unnessary spending and look at the big picture. I see that our state rep Andre Cushing has already removed Newburgh from his site. Lets hope someone will run against him that will stand and represent Newburgh aa the party does not matter, only the person. I hope our selectmen will have some lawyer information at the meeting Monday night and if not, WHY ? again and again. He has to be reporting something to someone ? I also see that Clifton has a password to use so Newburgh cannot see what Nancy Hatch is up to. Is it true that Sheri Denis quit when it was discovered she didn't have any experience with town records and didn't know what she was doing at the high rate of pay she was given. I heard Skip was told she was a CPA ? Does she work with one of our selectmen in Bangor ? If so, isn't that what they call, a conflict of interest? and a crime? Are we all going to continue to allow this to go on and on? I was mad when my kids had to go to Hampden, now I'm really mad. Let us join in together and make some needed changes ASAP.

  5. Ok, sounds good. You go first. Jim. H and Kathy P. what are your thoughts regarding the above ?

  6. Not sure what specifically you want me to comment on but I do have an opinion of a few of these.

    I for one am not in favor of posting Cindy Dunton's or anyones picture on this or any other site as "the one person" responsible for anything. I do not believe for one moment that she is alone with blame on this, either intentional or un-intentional, I do believe she is the primary suspect based on her admission but common sense tells me others knew and the goal of the police should be to find out if they are criminals too. Until the state completes their investigation and we find out for sure where if anywhere the web goes we need to all relax.

    FYI I had written Andre Cushing a letter on August 9th and I recieved NO REPLY. I assume he has recieved it since it was in e-mail form directly from his website. Perhaps he has been busy and 11 days to respond is asking allot I will patiently wait for his reply.

    I do not care what is going on in Clifton or with Nancy Hatch but I am relieved we no longer pay her salary, it's unfortunate we had to experience an expensive crime to rid the town of her arrogant, condescending, lazy attitude but I am sure most agree we are better off without her lounging around the town office. She is Clifton's problem now hopefully they have a recall provision in their town charter or ordinances and know how to use it.

    Jim Hopkins

  7. As is usually the case, I'm a day late and a dollar short in regards to my whining the town has no website...a little birdie informed me that there is!

    As far as all the other stuff--WAY over my head. It is amazing though that white-collar criminals get away with the things that they do. Does nobody perform background checks or verify references on a resume? I can't seem to land a crappy paying job without having references checked or past employers getting a phone call about me, yet this lady can totally mess up a town (and I'm sorry, but admitting she wasn't aware of stuff happening on her watch is NOT a valid excuse--that was a very important part of that JOB) and somehow score a job running another town? Wow.

    --Kathy Perin

  8. PS--the time stamps on these posts are all way off. I just posted that at 8:36 am, not that it matters but I'm an anal dink like that.


    --Kathy Perin

  9. Hey Jim H and Kathy P. Thanks for commenting and Yes, I know several others who have emailed and wrote Mr. Cushing without any reponse, at all. It must be our address,,,,Oh well, November is right around the corner. I hope you both can show up to the meeting Monday night at 6 pm. I feel we may achieve better results as well as a better understanding if more people can view the overall meeting and the integrity of the participants as it relates to town business and the overall effort being put forth. I know it is only an opinion but it does provide a direction that we are taking or if we need to revisit and maybe revist again, varying issues to get them right, for the citizens of our community. One of the most pressing issues is, this Promissory note and its timeline and What Mr. Beaupain is doing for our town, today.

  10. D. Plowman says on her website,

    "I don't believe I've ever seen a more clearly defined message from Mainers than what I'm hearing this year.

    Ms. Plowman, How about a common sense solution for Newburgh's future?

    A. Cushing has a working link to Dixmont and Hampden but not Newburgh. SHOCKER!!!!!!!!!

    Neither one of them are responding to e-mails from Newburgh citizens?

    To this I say "Here is a clearly defined Message" both of you are not hearing. "We need help" It is time to show up in town for something other than a photo opp. at election time.

    Even if you have nothing to offer, a few kind words, a little leadership perhaps, some suggestions, just pretend you care a tiny bit.

    Andre, I will even take a picture of you pretending for your re-election campaign and you can send it to Hampden and Dixmont residents via the link from your webpage.

    Wont that be fun?

    What a couple of Phony, full of Baloney JACKASSES. Two web sites and two politicians chocker block full to the rim of Horse cucka.

    We are some lucky to be the proud owners of these two beauties, November can not get here soon enough so we can send them back to installing doors PDQ and trying to sell a house. Hopefully Andre will have Newburgh area exclusively in the future should be tough trying to convince anyone to buy or build here the way we are going.

    Thanks again for your support.

  11. I just wanted to say that I did receive a response from Mr. Cushing yesterday evening, which I'll cut and paste here (hopefully I'm not violating any bizarro laws doing this, but if I am, I'm sure someone will let me know about it!)

    "Thank you for contacting me and my apologies for the delay in replying. I have been dealing with some family health issues and it has caused some delays in my getting back to folks.
    I am aware of the issues in Newburgh and it truly is unfortunate. something of this nature tears the fabric of a community and causes people to distrust and question many actions of the those in charge.
    I have been contacted by several residents about getting state assistance, there are not any direct steps that the state can take without allowing the elected officials to first attempt to remedy the matter. We can only offer assistance to the town if invited by those duly elected. 
    If residents are not satisfied with results they need to attend selectmen's meeting and they may also submit their concerns in writing. Even though I realize this does not address the imminent issues it is part of the process. Throughout the discussion I would urge those involved to be respectful and seek proper understanding of the issues, the timeframe offered by the selectmen to address the matters and how things are being reviewed to assure that this type of situation does not happen again.
    I have read the auditor's report and communicated with  a number residents who are seeking a solution to these challenges facing Newburgh. I am pleased to hear that you are interested in helping to final solutions to these problems. The positive part of this issue is that many good folks are getting involved and something positive can come from this issue

    Andre E. Cushing III
    State Representative- District 39
    (Dixmont, Hampden, Newburgh)
    P.O. Box 211
    Hampden, Maine 04444
    office 207-631-2898
    home 207-449-1358
    fax 419-781-5601

  12. Hey There, we are in Etna and you guys in Newburgh have some serious problems going on. Why not just file for Bankruptsy and call it a day. Seems like the major thief and her co-helpers are getting away with all your money. After what happen, I cannot imagine why you didn't just close up shop and take the keys away from everyone in the town office. Your never going to recover until you do. Mark my words, you should of given your self a fresh start and until you do, this crap will never go away,and just may get worse with time. Smarten up, you Newburghers

  13. Sunday 9/5 Can any of the Concerned Citizens or the Fixers give us people that are out of the loop any updated information as nothing is forth coming from our town office and it seems like secret stuff is going on there behind the closed door. Oh well, a sad day when we have to ask our residents for information, What is going on with Cindy and Alan Dunton ? Nancy Hatch? Lois Libby ? The new overpaid Clerk ? Our Selectmen? One fire chief -fired, now a first responder- fired, What is the town lawyer doing, just collecting a check, too ? Just curious if there is any town news and what about the insurance policy,can we collect on Cindy for stealing and Nancy for allowing it and the selectmen for not supervising and watching as being our officials ,it was their job. Or was it their job just to collect their own checks? We should be able to collect the insurance bond on the selectmen for not doing their duties too? Are we or is that the District Attorney or who ever?

  14. For the one who is spreading rumors of people being fired, be more specific. First the fire chief wasn't fired, he was given a choice to upgrade his training, and who is the first responder that is fired?

  15. FOR ANYONE WHO CARES, Speak to GARY SIBLEY and STEVE TRIBOU and hear their side of this sad story.

  16. That is the problen 3/4 of the people in this town do not care! bunch of lemmings

  17. Not that they do not care truth is 3/4 of the people in this town are somehow related.

  18. The number 1 problem with the select board is they do not care about anything to do with the town or the towns people. number 2, they have no clue what a selectmens job is and 3 they don't care what the job is or how to do it! Pretty sad. Its now been dumped into the town managers lap just like it was with Nancy Hatch. Do they even know that "the 3 selectmen" are the governing body over the town manager? He's now running everything just like Nancy did. To expect Rick Briggs to take care of all the major problems you are facing out there is unheard of. With out strong input and knowledge from the board things will never repair. It looks like even tho the board has been in position for a great number of years, they don't know anything about the business of the town anymore than they did the first week in office.

  19. I received the most recent copy of the town "Crier" as in the past the level of information is enough to make me cry. Is this the best we can do, there is no reason to send this out with this level of garbage grade info. With all the firepower at the town office there has to be a little more interesting and informative feedback they could share with the residents.

    If nothing more is going on in town based on this rag then we have way to many employees. If this is the best all involved can come up with let's quit kidding ourselves and also quit wasting our mailing money. Looks like someone threw together some tidbits the last week to fill up the space.

    Rinky dink comes to mind.


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