Friday, January 21, 2011

District Attorney, Chris Almy says investigation still ongoing.

We are pleased to hear this. Our opinion has always been that there has more money embezzled then what the auditor had reported. We have presented these findings to Chris Almy. Since Cindy Dunton is cooperating he should simply ask her if our findings are accurate.


  1. And Stanley (Skip) Smith is running for office, again ? Is this going to be on TV or something as this has to be, a friggin joke ?

  2. No Friggin Joke, in their minds they all still believe they can not be blamed for this mess, it was someone else's fault and they obviously think they have brought some measurable value to the selectmen's positions in the midst of this crisis.

    I still maintain if they had any pride or dignity they would have resigned to avoid the turmoil and rift that has and will continue to rip this town apart as long as they serve.

    How do you look yourself, your family and your fellow citizens in the face and not feel immense shame and or embarrassment? How do you grow balls enough to pretend nothing is wrong for so long and without your service the town would be worse off? How could you possibly not do everything in your power to push through the recall ordinance to allow the citizens to decide who stays and who goes?

    Complete and utter ignorance and arrogance combined with inflated self worth, they are making their legacy something we will all not be able to forget for a long time.

  3. Almy needs to ask Cindy about the additional thefts while under oath and if she denies it and it is later proven wrong then charge her with perjury and tack on some more jail time.

  4. The D.A. needs to subpoena the officials and he may just do this. There is a lot of things need to be answered under oath. I'll bet a lot would come out if that happened.

  5. If all the posters and readers who want justice, Please call the Penobscot District Attorney office and let them know, your thoughts.
    The more inquiries, the better the chance of it happening. Better hurry, time is running out.

  6. Hang your heads selectmen, being incompetent should not be a platform to justify your continued existence in town business, read all here carefully there is some truth to allot of this banter your continued stubborn approach to this melee is the sole source of the anger and embarrassment hanging over the town.

    We want a divorce now so we can move forward, please do the right thing and step down asap.

  7. What about Kelly Bickmore's family, The Hartleys of the North Road and Alan and Cindy Dunton working for them and their company, Clewley Foundations. I think the IRS needs to be looking into this cozy relationship and see if any of Dunton's cash shows up or is it, Newburgh's cash. Just a thought.

  8. Why didn't Mike tell the police or the selectman that Cindy was stealing? He did know before anyone else did, as per his comment to Heather Rhines.


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