Thursday, May 12, 2011

Newburgh administrator hired after mass resignations

From Bangor Daily News:
The town of Newburgh hired an interim town manager Monday, four days after the sudden resignations of Town Manager Rick Briggs and two other employees.                      

 Welcome to Newburgh!
We also have a new town clerk, so the town office is open for townspeople.
The town office hours have changed.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Don't know the hours yet, but will post them when I get them.

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  1. "Courteous" You left out your "r". :0) Now my question, when did Mr. Hatch leave and did he resign on his own accord? Just curious because I never saw anything in the BDN and it seems Newburgh has been under a microscope for the last few years... figured we'd see something about it. Also, your ad for the new position is very vague, you really should have stated that the position is for an administrator to the selectmen. An administrative assistant is usually a glorified term for a secretary. Also, why not just say we are a town that is not going to sign a contract with anyone because we have commitment issues instead of saying it is an "intern" position? Be as honest in your ad as you want your next employee to be. That is all, good luck with your search.


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