Monday, May 31, 2010

Who we are!!

This will take you to another website that we have created and it lists the most active people involved by name. Here is the link to that website. There is more information there to look at. More will come soon.


  1. Hey someone in town just called me to tell me to ge on to you blog site as there was actually something posted supporting the selectman--Can't find it Where did it go LSmith

  2. Hi
    There was a comment left earlier in the "Should the town implement a Administrative Assistant type of government" that maybe what you are looking for.

  3. I have found that the "Concerned citizens of Newburgh" or the "Fixers" are a great group of caring individuals. Not only are they seriously interested in what needs to be done, but that it is gets done right & for the best interest of the taxpayers of Newburgh. No way are they trying to divide the town or ever cause any problems. They have worked hard for over 10 months to try & get the board to follow procedure, get the finances in order, do what the towns people want & so on. They are met with "I don't care what you want, we know that is not right but we will do it the way we want too & you people will never win. Win? What does that statement mean coming from our board? I find by talking to the group a very intelligent, informed, well mannered, fine group of people, many were born & raised in town. Then I try to work with the individuals running the town & I find uninformed, uncaring, angry individuals. Something has to change here as many have said on this blog, but how & who will help to change it?


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