Friday, June 11, 2010

June 14, 2010 Selectmen meeting

Robert Brown (the auditor doing the town audit) has delivered the audit to the selectmen on June 11, 2010. The audit will be discussed at the Selectmen's meeting on June 14. The meeting will be held at the Newburgh Elementary school.

Finally the news we have been waiting for since March.


  1. Any betting people out there? I'm betting 220K.

  2. You can read a copy of the audit at

  3. I a seriously concerned about our towns's checkbook as this is our taxes and how the funds are being spent. $50,000 for a new town manager plus all benefits of medical, dental, vision. disability and health plus workers comp, medicare, fica and social security, it will be close to $80,000 if not more not counting the infamous christmas bonuses. We only need someone part-time, can't we get that? a 3 year contract with Kendall Davis again, we only need 1 year. $5,0000 to MMA ? we could have gone to an employment agency ourselves or run an ad. I think we are in need of a guard for the town's checkbook as no one is thinking or watching or advising. Please can't someone or some body help our town?

  4. To the above, that is a GREAT IDEA as we cannot get to the meetings, at least we can show some kind of support to the folks who want things done right in our town with our tax money.

  5. Just checkin' in to see how last night's meeting went. I didn't hear any sirens or see flames shootin' up from that corner of town, so I'm hoping it at least was civil.

    --Kathy Perin :)


  7. Report on the Aug. 9th meeting.
    OMG, the last selectmen meeting. You had to be there as it is like Saturday Night Live with so many issues for the voters to be shut out of. Just pass a motion and skip the voting process. When are we going to demand accountability from these folks ? We need the State Auditor to come in as we have multi, conflict of interest issues.

  8. Mr. Cushing,

    I visited your site and it looks like you are having a good time as a representative, meeting a few people, checking on businesses in the district, traveling and getting ready for another re-election effort in 2010.

    Not sure how much you know about what is going on in Newburgh, I have not seen you at any of the town meetings or heard that you had been there, you can imagine we are in a mess here regarding the $200K+ stolen from us by a town official. It seems to me that these crimes are happening too often in recent years, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the situation and since you represent this town in the legislature I would also like to know if you have plans to introduce or know of other legislation that would enhance penalties for crimes against the community committed by town officials/employees.

    I for one consider any crime when committed by an elected or appointed official or anyone employed by a community and in a position of trust to be one of the worst violations upon a community as a whole. Our current legal/penalty system does not seem to be working, the number of crimes continues to grow and from what I have read the punishments are very light.

    It appears simple to me we have a law that doubles the fines for speeding in a work zone and that seems to work, lets explore a law that has some teeth regarding punishment for people convicted of crimes against the citizens. I imagine the Newburgh case will drag on for some time, you just may be able to get something in place prior to a conviction that will have an impact short term in your district and long term that may help deter other criminals across the state.

    Give it some thought and let me know please where you stand on this issue.

  9. Whom ever sent this to the folks of Newburgh certainly needs to send it to Mr. Cushing and copy Deb Plowman ( our other rep.) or the very least, The Bangor Daily News editioral's. Without representation, what are we ?

  10. I too have not had any response to my e-mail to Mr. Cushing's e-mail address, either by him or a staff member, and it has been a week. I would like to say that I'm surprised but I have no faith in our elected officials...never have, never will.

    --Kathy Perin

  11. I wrote Debra Plowman about our situation twice in the past month with no response.

  12. Sorry I Missed signing my name, I wanted you to see what I had sent to him, I did not leave it off on purpose, that was a copy of the e-mail I had sent to A. Cushing and no I did not recieve a reply. I anticipate a response about the same time as "we expect a substantial repayment".

    Jim Hopkins


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