Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hi all

     Been gone for a while, working many hours plus family and garden stuff.

     Thank you all for your comments. I have been told that I should remove some of the comments. I am reluctant to remove any comments regardless of my opinion of them. To do so would be to censure someone, and contrary to the goals of the blog: “to enable residents of Newburgh to discuss the current political affairs with each other”. That said please keep in mind the purpose of the blog and avoid personal attacks; they do not further the discussion.
    Again thank you for becoming involved in our town.


  1. Hello Claude, and thanks for not removing any of the comments even though it is your blog and you have every right to do so if you so choose. :)

    I like the little poll section off to the right-hand side there. I was one who voted for a "wait and see" approach for "the new guy" and also "pursue the person(s) who took money."

    I was floored a week or so ago to read in the BDN that some homeless kid swiped some meat from a grocery store and was thrown right in jail, and it just blows my mind that not a damn thing seems to have been done about what happened here.

    Is it wrong to want to see Ms. Dunton wearing a jumpsuit with the letters "DOC" on the back and picking up trash along our roads or digging ditches and serving some time? Why isn't that happening??


  2. I've felt right along she should work for the town for the rest of her life, digging ditches, cutting brush, repairing roads etc. (all the $$ she took away from the town so we can no longer have this done.) I still think the houses on Lindsey Rd. that Alan & Cindy Dunton own (2) could some how be foreclosed on. I know they paid the taxes, but for the past 5 years (that we know of, could be more) she paid the taxes out of town funds she stole. Also, I heard there is no way to prove that anyone in town pays their taxes, it can just be checked off as paid & nothing to go back to & prove they really were paid. This can't be the normal procedure in towns, anyone know?

  3. To All:
    It would help our if everyone wrote an editorial in the Bangor Daily News about your feelings regarding the Cindy Dunton event's. This would put some pressure on the DA as the town was given, wrong advise from our attorney but went with it anyway believing it was the right thing to do. I know most won't bother but a few may help. We need to get and keep this imformation out there.

  4. Great idea Anon @ 9:01 am!

    I didn't write an editorial, as I have no idea how to go about doing that, but I did e-mail a media hound (I hope) over there, so we'll see if I get a response. I did refer them to this site here for a bit of an insight as to what is going on and what some of us are thinking.


  5. I'd like to thank the wonderful, thoughtful, dedicated, hard working citizens of Newburgh who worked the entire day outside, in the freezing cold, getting signatures to help get the town back on track. Keep up the good work guys, your time is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! Thank you!


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