Saturday, October 2, 2010

Comments from 10 -2 -10 Bangor Daily News article

Interesting article, it appears the investigation may be expanded.  Also interesting to hear Ron Smith's side of things.  Seems to say the same thing we have been saying :  A systematic failure rather then the responsibility of one malicious individual.


  1. rollinstone Today 04:49 AM

    In three management reports — dated Feb. 16, 2008, Feb. 6, 2009, and Feb. 11, 2010 — Smith outlined several problems:

    • In 2007, overall totals for tax receivables did not reconcile with itemized ledgers; internal spending figures were not being consistently compared to monthly bank statements; and many of the town’s budget items were being overspent.

    • For the year 2008, the firm repeated its warnings about the bank statements and overspending budget lines and added that the town was too slow at times in depositing cash collected.

    • For 2009, the firm identified the same issues in regard to bank statements and overspending budget lines.

    Aside from those warnings, the RHR Smith audits did not uncover direct evidence that the embezzlement was occurring. According to Smith, the audit process relies on information provided by town employees — in this case Dunton and Hatch — which then is tested by examining a small sample of transactions. The audit did not find any of the checks Dunton allegedly wrote to herself.

    I interrupted this to say RHR Smith was doing its job I think the selectmen dropped the ball on this one, not the auditing firm.
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    VOLDENUIT Yesterday 11:23 PM

    RHR Smith should not get away scott free. If financial systems are that bad year after year they are required to take some affirmative action. The auditors cannot hide behind the disclaimer that it's not their job to find embezzlement. They ignored compelling evidence and should be held accountable.
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    dlaurels Today 08:43 AM in reply to VOLDENUIT

    However, the auditors are required by auditing standards to address the issue of fraud. There is a standard that requires them to be thinking about fraud while auditing. Certainly the 2007 report sounds like they should not have given the town a clean report.
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    Artie_LaGrange Today 07:56 AM

    I will be very interested to follow this story. I am curious if this is not picked up at the State Prosecutors office. I would think that embezzlement was a felony not excusable from prosecution by signing a promissory note for repayment.

  2. Prosecute these thieves and send them to jail, or there will be “No” public trust of any representatives of the people!
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    dlaurels Today 08:39 AM

    First of all, there were red flags for the auditor back in 2007. Second, the auditors should not have been having a exit conference with the Treasurer and Town Manager; he/she should have been meeting with the select body (who is responsible for running the town). I am constantly amazed that so many councils and select bodies do not understand that it is their reponsibility to ensure that town operations are done properly. However, this should have been clear to the Auditor. Thirdly, I don't know why Neria Douglass is getting involved in this one at all. This is not the function of the Maine Department of Audit. She got involved in the Ludlow situation which took her department months and months before they made any report which was basically useless by that time.
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    Tyke Today 10:48 AM in reply to dlaurels

    Auditors must follow clearly established guidelines to remain certified and in the absence of specific evidence linking individual management members to fraud, their oral report always goes to the management team. They did this 100% correctly. In addition written reports go to the governing body (the select board in this case). They also did this 100% correctly.

    Maine statutes outline several responsibilities for the State Auditor. Neria Douglass is getting involved because it falls square within her responsibilities under state law.

    Title 30-A

    §5822. Investigation of accounting and auditing system:

    The State Auditor may inquire into the accounting and auditing system of any municipality or any quasi-municipal corporation not under the jurisdiction of the Public Utilities Commission. The officers of that municipality or quasi-municipal corporation shall furnish information pertaining to the system in the form prescribed by the State Auditor.
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    Maine001 Today 11:17 AM in reply to Tyke

    You have 1500 Taxpayers/ Voters/ Citizens in Newburgh and an out of control town office. I'm sure that Ms. Douglas has many other items on her plate but she is showing compassion for all Maine's citizens by taking a stand and try to help sort this mess out and bring justice to the ones that deserve it. Now ,we can only hope that Chris Almy and Brain McMasters will join in, also.

  3. Flag
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    dlaurels Today 12:34 PM in reply to Maine001

    It would be good if the assistance offered is useful. However, it is beyond me as to how the State Auditor will be of assistance in this matter. The town has already had a forensic audit done. Exactly, what do you expect the State Auditor to do with no knowledge whatsoever of the town? The town has local control, and it is up to the towns people to run their town. The State Auditor is appointed by the controlling party of the Legislature. Unless a majority of the towns people request the State Auditor to get involved, she should stay out it.
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    Maine001 Today 12:53 PM in reply to dlaurels

    The majority of the taxpayers are for the auditor to come in and requested
    same. Our town government is out of control and the state auditor is very
    familiar with title 30 statues and as being a former District Attorney she
    will quickly figure out what has happen and who and how many are involved.
    Our forensic audit was not a forensic audit as it did not follow the
    evidence as in , money trail. I could go on and on but please believe me
    that Ms. Douglas involvement is very much appreciated and needed.
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    dlaurels Today 02:20 PM in reply to Maine001

    The article said only three people had contacted her. I guess the article is wrong. I hope she is able to help you, however, she does not have the authority to prosecute anyone or do instruct anyone to presecute anyone.
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    Maine001 Today 02:43 PM in reply to dlaurels

    Yes, the quote was only the ones who wrote, not called and not all involved
    tried to make contact. Please don't underestimate the long arms of state
    agencies. Ms. Douglas is a former District Attorney and state representative
    so she is fully aware of her office and what she can or cannot do.It seems
    that you may dislike her for some reason ? As a state auditor it is hopeful
    that she and her department can shed some l;ight into our problems. Some
    light is better than none as is, involvement. Bottom line is ,we need to
    know who and how many are involved with our losses.It very well may be the
    entire town office. Time will tell, hopefully. Thank you
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  4. The only way we will know the whole story is if Cindy Dunton gets the threat of many years behind bars............that is why we need to have her brought up on, the embezzlement, then the credit card fraud, tax evasion then conspiracy to defraud social security disability along with Alan. And any other crime she has commited...... Many years being the playmate of Big Bertha, may have some influence on her then we may hear about all the others that are involved. What do you think ?

  5. We are not talking peanuts here, there is a lot of money from the poor people of Newburgh at stake here.
    I'm sure, no one wants her talking. With all the time since this took place I bet she is planning to show rehab or something for a lean sentence,Pity me thus using the system. This was a pre-planned theft and she was getting instructions, What's up with the rumor of a vacation home that she purchased in Rockwood or Florida with the Newburgh's funds ?

  6. Maybe now that you've gotten rid of the real estate lawyer (Beaupain) maybe just maybe a new criminal lawyer will get something done. Beaupain knew what he was doing $$ wise, eating up all your funds so there was none left to look into anything!!!!!

  7. I for one am very encouraged with what I perceive as the "new" level of attention I felt we have deserved all along but has taken far too long getting here.

    Our state auditors, our state police the district attorney, state representative’s hell bring them all in and let them take a good detailed look. We need and finally seem to be getting a glimpse of finger pointing and CYA statements that should help us get to the bottom of this and expose the breadth and depth of corruption for once and for all. When you have people who were involved in the process start positioning themselves for a "pass" while claiming they did nothing wrong or "it was someone else" that tells me that hopefully all the details may not be far behind.

    Who knows we might be able to trade some song birds for jail birds soon, it is time to change the paper in the bottom of the cage either way because it stinks a little more every day.

    Jim Hopkins

  8. Ob Boy Jim, Looks like you took the time, accepted no one's word, looked into the facts
    and came away with the above, result. Just wished more of the taxpayers could do the same.
    Most of our citizens don't have the extra funds to have them stolen or does Newburgh and have the thieves continue on as if nothing happen, which is a slap in the face of all honest people. Sometimes the theft is not just money, it's trust that was given and an oath taken and both, violated. Citzens use to take dish out their own justice for this, now we must rely upon our legal system and hope that they can see through, the maze.

  9. Anonymous October 4, 2010 7:59 PM

    Wow, after reading your reply I am not exactly sure what you are reading into my words. I thought I was sending a message that I was glad we are getting the attention we deserve and from a neutral position we would be able to find the whole truth through our legal system.

    But then again it really does not matter what you or I say at this point. As long they find out who was involved and all criminals are punished I will be very satisfied and ready to move on.

    Would be nice if you signed your name though especially if you are replying directly to my posts so I would know who you are too.

    (See Example below)

    Jim Hopkins

  10. I'm sorry Jim, but given the large contingent of family members, and the close proximity of same. it concerns me because many people have been wacked, for a lot less than what I have thought and indicated. I have never been one to seek any type of spotlight and don't want to be confronted in a store, called or have any of the children spoken to. No, its best to remain out of sight. If it turns out to be a group effort than we will have to issue our sadness, but that is the way it goes, What is important here is that, honestly prevails and lies, theft and deceit, gets the maximum punishment . This is the same as if someone broke into 1500 households and stole their money. So, is a few years in prison, enough ? I don't think so. Someone or some group has violated 1500 people and the punishment needs to take each and every person into account. This is only my opinion and obviously not the courts, but we can hope.

  11. Jim, you are right on 100%!

  12. Personally, I really don't give a crap anymore. I've learned that good people will continue to get screwed and the slackers and thieves will always come out smelling like roses. This is just how it is and I've come to accept that.

  13. family...?
    has the Gambino family moved into Newburgh, or are we in the North End of Boston?
    get a life.................
    i don't think anyone has been wacked in Newburgh in well lets say a couple of years hahahhahaha

  14. Come on Kathy, The truth is everyone got screwed this time now matter what team they were on.

    Dont give up on us, it is important to hear from people like you that from what I have seen tend to sit near the middle on issues. Keep feeding your thoughts and opinions, when you speak (even in print) you have the ability to capture the attention of both sides and your voice becomes powerful.

    Without middle ground feedback from people like you the sides continue to talk but only hear what their side is saying.

    You may just be the John Conner of Newburgh.

    Jim Hopkins

  15. Is it true Tessa Herrick applied for the sectrtary job at Newburgh town office, and she is related to one of the selectmen?

  16. Hey now, how does one hear about these job openings? I went to the town website and only see an opening for a cleaning person...not for a secretary, which I would love to apply for myself because that is something I can actually do and it would almost cause me to rethink "not giving a crap."


  17. We just heard that they already had someone hired and as usual, no one is telling the tax payer. Why doesn't the town have a web site so they can post on it and keep the residents informed or is it, they still want to play God and rule as if it is all their own money that is involved. Just truly amazing and we thought Mr. Briggs may be his own man and be different. Seems we need the State of Maine to step in dam soon. I don't care any more, if we become an unorganized township and do aaway with this entire mess, they claim our taxes would go down as a result. Something to really think about, now. Can't imagine, if we have town or state business to do after 5 on Thursday, we must wait for 4 complete days before the town office, reopen's. Is everyone aware of this? This is wrong and we need to voice our concern.

  18. Voice concerns to who now? It sounds like, as is the usual case in the running of towns/states, the foxes are guarding the henhouse. This can't come as a shocker to anyone.


  19. Quoted from anonymous previously:
    Is it true Tessa Herrick applied for the secretary job at Newburgh town office, and she is related to one of the selectmen?
    Here is an article in BDN today about Tessa.,155704

  20. This has to be a joke! comeon!

  21. Cost savings and looking after the resident's. How about some advance knowledge of closing for vacations, The town just recently put out a news letter, why wasn't this mentioned ? ? The new hours have no consideration for the resident's, Part-time should mean, when the residents may be home from work, not when they are all working. How about the tax payer's, establish the hours and we all vote on it as we should be doing. Rodney King says, why can't we all just get along. It is because there is no consideration for the resident only the town office people, period. Does anyone else think this is wrong ?
    Oh yes, How do we find out about Cindy Dunton and the other actor's, in our loss ? Apparently no one is checking on this now as time off is at center stage.

  22. If you are going to quote a world leader take your time and get it right.

    Can we all get along?
    Rodney King

    I saw my hometown burning that day.
    Rodney King

    It's happening right now... it's just not on film, it's not being recorded.
    Rodney King

  23. DO YOU CITIZENS: know that Lois Libby and Nancy Hatch former town mannager of Newburgh were seen together at Fryburg Fair. This is a case of BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER:: OR MAYBE THICK AS THIEVES. What do you think?

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  25. How do you know Lois is not working with the Maine State Police?

    You Coward.

  26. Baseless rumors started by the few vicious hate mongers that will not stand to see things settle down. So what if Lois ran into Nancy a 100 miles away from Newburgh what was she supposed to do pretend she never met her. Lois continues to be a trusted member of the town office and community no matter what you evil minded ones think. Your special holiday is just around the corner, you can all get together and go on your witch hunt.

  27. A chance meeting or a planned weekend, this is what I would like to know. If the latter then no we should not look the other way cause it reeks and should be troubling to us all.

  28. Close the office for good, dissolve the town, become an unorganized territory, I can not take the bi--h slapping I get every time I hear of another backroom shady activity by the people distributing my tax money.


  30. Being sold out by a town employee is on track Jack!!!!

    Suspicion my a-- Nancy is guilty of not doing her job and not reporting the theft to the town councilers when first discovered. That is as close to stealing as you can get in my book.

    Why do you think Nancy is no longer employeed by the town because she did such an outstanding job as a twon manager?

    Shis is and was a bum and all who associate with her are guilty of the same by association.

  31. One's private life should indeed be private.

    However, something just doesn't feel right about the encounter (which was verified in a posting by Lois, which has since been deleted) and I'm sorry if my opinion offends anyone.

    BUT, I don't hang out with my boss or former bosses just for funsies, and I especially wouldn't seek out their company in light of what has happened and the current investigation(s) that are supposedly underway, unless I wanted something or to talk about something...and it sure as heck wouldn't be about the best fried dough vendor or which green beans got the blue ribbon for canning. But again, that's just me.

    I'm kind of put off by the fact everyone involved in town office/politics seems to be buds and intertwined somehow...but, again, this shouldn't come as a surprise to me. Small town politics and all that....

    I am especially blown away by the going forward with moving the town hall and now talk about a library when the town doesn't have the money it thought it did in the first place. Where is this extra moola going to come from anyway? We don't even have any bleepedy-bleepin street lights on our roads to help us safely navigate in the dark or inclement weather and people are worried about a library? No internet access at homes so put it in the schools and provide equipment?! How about someone in a position of power making a call or two to the local cable company (Fairpoint is it?) and try to get it out to the residents who don't have it and want/need it so we can be self-sufficient?

    I was talking to a friend in Dixmont, a former resident of the town of Etna, and he had some choice words about what our town is going through and will continue to go through. Taxes will go up and never come down and the guilty will get a slap on the wrist, if that.

    When is the next Selectman's election? Because I'm guessing that will be the only opportunity this town gets to really clean house...and only if it truly wants to.

  32. Good insght Kathy however if the board wants to create barriers they have the means and know how.
    Keep in mind, they really have come to believe as Cindy Dunton had, its their money and not the tax payer. In their own little ego world, they can say things like Cindy hid it from us, what they really mean is, play it stupid and we will find some that will believe and continue to support us and we will just continue on and use the town's money as we want. What is the latest, Selectmen Leona Smith' Niece has been hired for the rec department ? Briggs said that this practice would stop, seems that it hasn't and I wonder what pressure was applied?

  33. Do you really think the selectmen are playing it stupid. I have been to a selectmens meeting, they are not playing they are in way over their heads always have been always will be. I do think they (at least 2 of them) have learned allot since the Cindy Capone last robbed the town but their learning curve has become a flat line once again, that file is now full. From here on out the three amigos are back in a full trust mode just like before, and the snake oil salesman has them wrapped around his little finger. I read in the BDN they stopped spending money on roads but approved some software, I hope this was truly a critical purchase otherwise seems like a waste of good road or bridge money to me.

    When will they learn?

  34. Listen you bean heads,

    The justification for the "software" expense was that the town had Administrative money left over from budgeted accounts that they did not have to pay to Cindy and Nancy over the year. It's Simple Simon math/justification.

    This is real good news, with this kind of windfall it looks like they will have plenty in that account to bring back the Christmas Bonus plan this year. So think of it like this, the 2010 Christmas Bonus will not cost you anything because it is left over or surplus.

    Get it? Left over money they did not pay out, it was budgeted for as wages, but Nancy and Cindy did not recieve the wages. Get it now? So it is available to do what ever you want. Get it?

    I am starting to get it, if you take the unpaid wages and add that to the savings from 10 months without any "new theft" there is even more money to spend then you could imagine. Factor in the insurance overpayment savings add unauthorized bonus payments of Christmas past, a little credit card theft then slide in the additional savings because we do not have pay the temp for two months, add back the insurance payment from the bonding agency, then calculate the savings from not actually moving into the new town office yet etc. etc. the money is just rolling in.


  35. No. I don't get it.

    Whenever I see an unsigned and anonymous post, especially one starting with "Listen you bean heads," my first thought is that this is a post written in either jest or belittlement and my brain gets all confused and tends to stop processing right then and there.

    Is this a serious slam against us residents for being peeved about what goes on in our town office and a blatant disregard for loss of our trust, or is this a tongue-in-cheek sort of thing going on? Because how it was intended to come across is going to make all the difference regarding whether or not I personally "get it."

  36. Well, the yin to my yang (aka Luc, my husband) says I'm being way too serious and I took the above poster's comment way out of context.

    He feels the post was indeed tongue-in-cheek and designed to point out that perhaps our town officers think that just because money wasn't spent/stolen, it means that it can be spent on frivious things when other shortfalls need to be met first.

    So, if this is indeed the case, I'm sorry to come off sounding like a hardass but lately I'm finding it hard to find humor in the little things anymore, and that used to be my forte. If I was right though, let's rumble.

  37. Ha Ha Ha, LOL you Don't Get It!!!

    Luc is much more perceptive than you for sure, you need to watch this to understand the accounting system we currently use.

  38. See, all I needed was a little verbal smackin! I'm an expert at making myself look like an ass without any help at all! LOL!

    (So, Luc, once again I must tip my hat to you sir and say--"You were right and I was wrong.")

    Anyway anon poster, you get me just as Luc does! My wit may be mildly sharp but my comprehension of verbal mathematical logistics are right up there with Ma & Pa Kettle's!

    In my defense, I really was in the "special" math class, you know the one next to the boiler room, and I was awfully fond of eating paste during my formative years, so I'm a bit behind the 8-ball in such matters.


    The sad thing about this whole thing is anon at 4:52 and are right. Now who is going to the meeting this week--tomorrow is it? To meet our new TM? I'll be there, the one with egg all over her face. :-D

  39. Oh Good deal neyba Kathy, it's odd you take a shine to these meetings when there is free food, this is almost gonna be like a North Road bean head suppa.

    I will be there too, I will be dressed like Ma Kettle, I also will be ready to rumble n tend do my best kickin and scratchin with my grey wool dress on.

    You just look for the guy that looks like Ma and go right up to him and introduce you as the egg head that rode the short bus and sniffed glue but can’t do goesintas worth a crap.

    Tell him your favorite book is Gullible's travels.

    I will know who you are then.

    PS: Bring Luc Skywalker wit cha. it's going to be a wicked good time, really.

  40. OMG to funny! When they say free "grubb" in the Burg, watch out! They come out of the woodwork. Should be a good ole boy get together.

  41. Damn skippy! Course, it's not really free now, is it....

    You should know I had to sacrifice a lot to make this meeting...and more of them in the future, even if there ain't gonna be no grubb. I'm now working weekend nights for the rest of my life in exchange for having weekdays/nights all to myself in which to reign my clueless yet well-intentioned bipolarism mannerisms on unsuspecting 'burgers.

    Looking forward to meeting some new neighbors. The ones in my immediate vicinity are growing weary of me, I'm sure.
    Them: "Kathy, can't you find someone else to play with?"
    Me: "Workin' on it, I swearsies! But for now, hold my drink and watch this!"


  42. Here we go "K P Duty" tomorrow nite,

    Tell all your Naybas, we been waitin a long time for this one. Hey everyone FYI I heard KP is the one stealin the street signs and smashin the mailboxes in case anyone would like to speak to her in person.

    That is some funny stuff it is almost moved up one click to OMG 3 funny, better than that same ole smashmouth sht, the fixers keep serving up. Speakin of serving up I wonder if they will be delivering sliced Pizza to our tables tomorrow while we hash out and solve the real issues infecting the town.

    I hope Ricky Ricardo orders enough Pizza and don't talk too much, I am bringing the "extended family" for this one even my sister-cousin want's to go see the glue sniffer from up the street. She says she heard it's wicked funny when she reaches that special place and starts to floppin on the floor covers her mouth (heard it takes 2 hands) and keeps repeatin "Luc ---- I am your Motha" or something like that, I gotta see it in person.

    Cant wait, hope the BDN shows up, gauranteed that repota fella wont fall asleep like last selectmans meeting.

    K P rememba wash your hands after you get done with your chores you may just be the one havin to break that last little piece of the crust that neva gets cut all the way.

    See you tomorrow ANON

  43. Kathy, RE: your above post October 26, 2010 5:23 PM

    I thought I would let you know "Skippy" just happens to be one of the selectmans life long nic names in case you post in the future.

    Jim Hopkins

  44. Thanks Jim!

    I didn't know that...I wasn't referring to "skippy" in the person sense, rather I guess I should've further hicked myself down and said, "Damn tootin!" Unless that's someone's nickname as well...especially if we continue on with the "bean" theme.


  45. No problem Kathy, I am always trying to watch out for you at least until you reach full resident status and acquire certain tribal knowledge. By the way that looks like a fairly friendly bunny rabbit you have there was he hard to train? He seems to struggle with hiding his emotions but definitely has a certain swagger and attitude I am familiar with.

    Jim Hopkins

  46. Cindy Dunton is being indicted today!

  47. Newburgh -
    The former Newburgh Deputy Town Treasurer accused of stealing up to $200,000 from the town has been indicted by the Penobscot County grand jury.

    48-year-old Cindy Dunton is charged with theft by unauthorized taking.

    Dunton has reportedly admitted to embezzing the money.

    A fraud examination report claims Dunton the money from January 2006 to March of this year.

    Dunton has already signed an agreement to allow the town to attach future earnings until she pays back the money, along with another 50-thousand dollars for legal fees and a town audit.

    The auditor's report says Dunton manipulated town accounts to pay for her property taxes and health insurance.

  48. Former Newburgh treasurer indicted in $200,000 theft

    10/27/10 04:02 pm Updated: 10/27/10 04:10 pm
    By Christopher Cousins
    BDN Staff

    BANGOR, Maine — The Penobscot County grand jury on Wednesday indicted a former town official in Newburgh for allegedly embezzling nearly $200,000 in taxpayer funds, said Penobscot County District Attorney Christopher Almy.

    Cindy Dunton of Newburgh is charged with Class B theft by unauthorized taking and faces a Dec. 9 court appearance in Penobscot Uniform Criminal Court. Almy said the charge against Dunton, who resigned as Newburgh’s deputy clerk and treasurer after the alleged thefts were discovered in March, is the most serious form of larceny there is. It is punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

    Almy said that in addition to jail time, he will ask the court to impose a restitution schedule for Dunton to begin paying back the stolen money, plus more than $50,000 in attorney and auditor fees incurred by the town of Newburgh.

    “It’s a very strong case,” said Almy. “The people of Newburgh are really mad and I don’t blame them. Not only did she steal their money, but she broke their trust.”

  49. Hold on Cindy, Your new roomie is BIG BERTHA and she is just a waiting on ya.
    Imagine 10 years, why go it alone ? We all know that you have something on the others, so lets just fess up, now. As you know, the others are home staying warm and getting ready for Christmas, so go ahead give 'm a good present and spill the beans, you may get some good behavior time, for it.

  50. I very much enjoyed the meeting this evening...everyone I met was really nice and it was quite obvious to me everyone there very much cares about our little town. Yes, we all have some differences of opinions but that's a good thing, right? It was a very friendly forum and not at all a hostile environment. If there was any hostility at all, it was totally lost on me, but I did have a few dry-erase markers available for my inalation pleasure to help deaden those particular receptors.

    Our new town manager seems pretty cool. He actually seemed to take a genuine interest in what we had to say, no matter how far out it seemed. It could all be bullcrap, what do I know. But, again, the effort to even organize such a thing earns big points in my street cred book.

    I was bummed that it wasn't a huge turnout, plenty of seats (and pizza!) for a lot more people, but I know what it's like not to be able to attend things like this because of work and stuff. This is the first time I've been able to go to something like this since...since I can't remember when! I've never even had the good fortune to go to fun town things like bake sales and whatnot.

    A few gentleman were kind enough to take Luc on I on a very informal tour of the school and I must say, I think I've had a change of heart about how I feel about moving the town hall there...and I'm a cheap bastid, but I really can envision it, especially since the building is already open and maintained for Penquis use. What a shame that the kids had to be moved from there's a really nice building. I thought it would be falling down and have leaky ceilings and mold but it was nothing like I had envisioned.

    I don't think it's a secret to anyone who knows me that I love seniors more than kids. Kids scare the crap out of me...they move fast and lawyers come out of the woodwork when they get hurt. ;-)

    I would love for our senior residents to have a place like this to go to, to play cribbage, to have a safe quiet and warm place in winter to have some coffee and place to hang out. Kids--kids already have the great outdoors, computers at home, and their school(s) in Hampden and that pool thing, right?

    I also learned the school is ready to go as an emergency shelter with a huge genny and cots. I had no idea we had that available to us, so that was kinda cool to find out.

    So, thanks for putting up with us tonight. I'd still like to see our local long line of dormant farming families be put to good use with the pot farming thing but I'm out there like that.

  51. Fear not Ms Perin there is plenty of pot being grown in Newburgh

  52. Arraignment: Cindy Dunton 8:30 A.M. tomorrow December 9th, Bangor, Maine. Show your support for getting her sentenced & restitution for your town! BE THERE!

  53. Great article in the Bangor Daily News today. Thank you Concerned Citizens Group for continuing to work to help our community.,163031


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