Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Don't know if this is real or not. Does anyone know?


  1. Not a clue about it's authenticity. I know someone is blaming the fixers, but given reactions here to that sign, I doubt it. More likely a lone random citizen if it wasn't Leona.

  2. Almy applauded the efforts by the citizens group.

    “I hope they all come to court,” Almy said. “What these citizens are doing is very helpful, and I really hope that they’re going to tell the judge what they think. This is the public’s business, and as far as I’m concerned, the more the merrier.”

    Asked what sentence he will seek for Dunton if she is convicted, Almy declined to answer other than to say, “It should be a significant sentence, because this is a significant matter.”

  3. No Integrity, Bad Experience, Narcoleptic, Arrogant, Self Serving, Rude, Big Feeling, Condescending, Under Qualified, In Denial, Relative Connections, Over Rated, Failure, that Wont go away and let the town mend.

  4. To The Frustrated Taxpayer, There still are secret meetings and plotting going on and will continue until the office is cleaned up.

  5. Integrity???, This sign is a big joke for sure.

    Leona and Bubba burper could use a lesson in integrity and Skip Smith just may be the one to teach them.
    As stated before in this blog there is certian "tribal Knowledge" that goes with being a selectman that is why you spread the terms out to assure there is a smoothe transition from election to election term to term. Kind of like working a notice when you change jobs. Well big feeling chop saw finger and the challenged one decided it would be cool to try and screw the new batch of selectmen by quiting, you know sort of make them fumble around and divert attention away from how poorly they really did. It turns out not only did they not really care about the town as they claimed they did not care about contractors and vendors they were responsible to pay, they really went out of their way to screw everyone possible during their pitty exit. A couple of real drama queens trying to prove another point that was as usual wrong, did they not know other people depended on them besides just the taxpayers of Newburgh?

    Well Skip apparently still cares and I would guess did all along, he decided to take the high road Vs the other two crawling around in the gutter, it just verifies what low lives they really were. Skip showed up at the selectman's meeting when the new three were trying to get grounded and he actually helped, he gave information, shared some of the historical facts and identifed potiential contractors, what ever he was asked. It must have been difficult for Skip to swallow at first but as the meeting went forward his true colors came out and his input was important, we as a community can only hope it continues.

    Pay attention Buddy and Leona that's what you do when you actually have integrity, but I would guess neither one of you would ever know what that feels like, we are so much better off now and every day it becomes more clear to more people.

  6. Integrity means that you are honest and truthful in what you say or do. You put honesty, sense of duty, and sound moral principles above all else. Raise your hand if that was the case.


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