Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bangor Daily News: Newburgh embezzler says worst is behind her

Asked what motivated her to steal, Dunton said a big part of the reason was because it was easy.
“There was no oversight,” she said. “Nobody ever checked anybody in the town office.”


  1. From my standpoint and really analyzing your remarks, I think you not from away and are trying your damnedest to make a mockery out of this blog that has had such an impact, When things are found out and posted as we have no other recourse other than word of mouth. So, stay away as you wish. As I had thought if your comments and approach were in earnest than you would of signed your post. You had no reason not to. Only my opinion and with your goodbye, I stand by my opinion and observation.

  2. Dear Cindy,

    It's time to put up or shut up, you claimed you would make substantial payment a year ago and that never happened. Now you are again claiming you will make substantial payment, I would be glad to walk over to your house and pick it up but since I read your BS story in the paper I had to pull my waders on and it is tough walking in them.

    Nice touch with the timing of the alleged repayment, just before you get sentenced would work for all of us or sooner may even be better. You could have done a better job describing how nobody ever checked on your work too, some additional details of how lax the prior selectmen were and how lazy Nancy was would have put some icing on my cake.

    There is one thing you did do for this town that has to have a positive spin on the whole situation, you forced the community to start voting with their heads, to attend selectmen's meetings, to ask questions and put controls in place to assure people like you can not steal from us again.

    I am sure the former selectmen are real impressed with you too, are these the people you are counting on to help raise money for your good will drive prior to prison? You are going to like being away from all the nasty people in town, you are so lucky to be heading to a place where they treat everyone equal. I know you said Alan did not realize he had this amazing influx of cash flow and I can sort of believe that, but did you let him know you would be leaving in the near future and he will have to feed the dogs?

    Please have a nice restful and hopefully long stay you really deserve it for all you have done for the community.

  3. The worst is behind her ???? We can only hope that she will change her mind if Big Bertha gets a hold of her for hopefully , the full 10 years.


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