Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dunton enters guilty plea in $200,000 embezzlement from Newburgh

Thistle told reporters after Monday’s hearing that he hopes Dunton’s guilty plea, along with her previous lack of a criminal record, will persuade the court to impose a sentence at the low end of that range. He said other municipal embezzlement convictions in Maine have resulted in sentences of anywhere from nine months to three years. However, Dunton’s sentencing hearing will involve testimony from witnesses, including numerous Newburgh residents who are furious with her for what she did.


  1. Man, I shouldn't read the comments at the bottom of the newest BDN on-line article...it gets my BP up ;-)

    Thank you to the folks who did show up at the courthouse. I had to laugh at our town's website with the following (I copied and pasted this--if I could capture a screen shot to share, I would, as I'm sure it will be edited/removed soon):

    "Cindy Dunton
    Cindy Dunton’s attorney has advised the town attorney that Cindy will be changing her plea to guilty on Monday morning with sentencing continued to another date. Statements from the public or the town will not be considered by the Court on Monday but will be in open court and anyone who wants to attend can but her case will one of a number on the docket and there is no need for anyone to attend. We have no way of knowing whether her case will be the first or last taken up.

    She has also agreed to admit to judgement in favor of the town and the Maine Municipal Association. The town attorney will meet with her attorney on Monday morning to deliver the paperwork to him and have him accept service."

    It kinda made me giggle, as my brain interpreted it as saying "There's nothing to see here, move along now..." (referring to the statement "No need for anyone to attend).

    Dear town office: Sometimes it's better to just omit certain words/groups of words. :-D

  2. Maine Municipal Association was the insurer and the one that gave us $99,000 for the embezzlement. Now they want to be part of the promissory note we had with Cindy. That means they want to get paid back when we do, in other word we refund them back what 99,000 they paid us and we agreed to this & - |
    Why would we ever put Maine Municipal in the same place in the repayable queue as us?
    They were the insurer, we paid them to take the risk, let them get in the back of line.

    Guess it doesn’t really matter we are never going to see any of the money anyhow, but it makes no sense to me.

  3. This stuff is an real education about the legal process. The DA doesn't want to go to trial. Beaupain is content with having gotten us having given her a mortgage, and her lawyer is saying she helped the investigation so should get minimum time, nine months, with good behavior out of there in by Christmas.
    I’m getting tired of this BS, Beaupain pulls in $12K, Thistle maybe $10K and Almy gets to save political face even though he didn't do his job. Too bad she can’t be sentenced by a group of her peers. I would go for 7 years myself.

  4. The following was in a comment by a reader on the BDN website, "But it's a different story in the federal courts. It's likely that Dunton did not report her income from the thefts on her tax return, and her failure to do so is a federal offense. This is something the United States Attorney for Maine should look into. That's what happened to John Duncan, the Portland lawyer who stole from his firm and his clients, and he ended up serving time in federal prison. So there could be some justice here, but you're not likely to see it in the state court."

    I don't know how accurate that may or may not be, but as read it's certainly interesting, IMO.


  5. http://new.bangordailynews.com/2011/04/12/news/newburgh-embezzler-says-worst-is-behind-her/

  6. From the Bangor Daily news :
    “she even claimed the money as income and paid taxes on it”

    What line on the IRS 1040 do you put stolen public funds?

    rofl, love that one!!!

  7. What about state taxes, did she pay them too?


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